NIE Customer Engagement Section


  1. Client will provide complete specifications and details of the service/product required, and will provide a sample, in case of reverse engineering of a product.
  2. NIE will assess the technical specifications and requirements and will provide a tentative timeline and quotation to the customer/client.
  3. The quotation will include complete charges of development including any duties and taxes levied by the government.
  4. NIE will not charge anything at the planning stage, however charges for the development of prototype shall be borne by the client.
  5. Intellectual property rights of the products developed shall remain with NIE.
  6. Information about the delay will be communicated to the Client, timely, issues regards delay shall be resolved mutually. However, maximum efforts shall be made to meet the deadlines and discourage delays.
  7. Focal person for the company/client will have to fill the Customer Engagement Form I and will answer any queries and provide any additional information about the project that NIE may require.
  8. Similarly focal person of NIE will keep the client informed about the progress of the project.
  9. Prototype and final testing of the device/product developed will be held at NIE. Cost for testing of the product at client’s site will be borne by the client.
Director Technical Services:
Phone: +92-51-9265009-11 Ext 241
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