National Institute Of Electronics- Vision, Mission, Objectives

National Institute of Electronics has been established in 1979 and since then it has accomplished outstanding expertise in the area of Power electronics, Digital electronics and computer training.


The vision of the institute is to undertake design and development in emerging areas of electronics and to acquire know-how in advance disciplines. Institute has the mandate for pilot production of electronic equipment, electronic components and software. It disseminates knowledge of electronic technologies to common users.


Our mission is to become Center of Excellence in the field of Electronics in Pakistan at Regional and International level with the collaboration of academia, public/private, Industrial & strategic sectors, fulfilling their needs through Design Research & Development, Small Scale Production and Training.


  • Design and Development work in vital areas of electronics, and to develop know-how in advanced electronic techniques & exchange knowledge with sister organizations and impart advanced training in electronics.
  • Design, Develop and Guide production of electronic test & control equipment, computing & opto-electronic devices.
  • Establish close liaison with other organizations engaged in R&D, academic and production activities and design and development projects on contract with user organizations.