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SMT Production Line

Surface Mount Technology is an area of electronic assembly used to mount electronic components to the surface of the printed circuit board (PCB) as oppose to inserting components through holes as with conventional assembly. SMT was developed to reduce manufacturing costs and also to make more efficient use of PCB space. As a result of the introduction of surface mount technology it is now possible to build highly complex electronic circuits into smaller and smaller assemblies with good repeatability due to the higher level of automation.

Surface mount device or SMD is the term used for the electronic components used within the surface mount assembly process. There is a wide range of SMD component packages available on the market and come in many shapes and sizes to support the design needs.

NIE’s SMT production line facility consists of two dedicated production lines with component placement speed at the rate of 30,000 components per hour. Whether it is a simple one sided assembly job or complex double sided high mix job, the team of skilled engineers and technicians are always ready to take the challenges in order to cater the needs of the customers.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To provide the SMT assembly services to our clients in best possible manner and on time delivery.
  • To develop modern SSL/LED lighting solutions and products in energy conservation scenario.
  • To train maximum number of Engineers and Technicians on SMT production set up.
  • The SMTPL intends to provide SMT assembly services to both public and private organizations on nominal charges.
  • The SMTPL intends to arrange training programs and workshops for SMT awareness building and effectiveness.

An Increase in Efficiency and Productivity:

It’s a shocking statistic to read that within the electronics industry many surface mount operations, particularly within the sub-contract manufacturing sector, run as low as 20% efficient.

There are many reasons that contribute to this figure but it fundamentally means that only 20% of the capital investment is being utilized. Financially speaking, this will lead to a higher cost of ownership and a slower return on investment. For the customer, it can cause longer lead times for their product and therefore the business will not be as competitive in the market place. With all facts under consideration, SMPTPL of NIE is ready to take a strong initiative to improve efficiency while maintaining quality.


Surface Mount Technology Production Line (SMTPL) of NIE provides services with a focus on low-to-medium scale, simple to high mix complex PCB assembly builds. We have built a SMT production reputation regarding our expertise in SMT assembly services for various reputed public and private firms with a focus on exceptional quality while reducing total cost and lead time of delivery. We have trained and qualified human resource and provided its customers, best and satisfactory SMT assembly services and efficient processes to achieve manufacturing excellence.

Services offered by the facility, featured as:

  • Single sided PCB assembly
  • Double sided PCB assembly
  • LED assembly on MCPCB
  • Conformal coating, Encapsulation on stuffed PCBs through dedicated Dispenser Line
  • SMD Rework services
  • Training of Man Power
  • PCB Prototype Assembly
  • Market competitive and reasonable rates

Flow Chart for the SMT Assembly Process:

Flow Chart for the SMT Encapsulation Line:


Smt Lab provides training:
Two months Regular SMT (coming soon)
Minimum Requirement: DAE/ BE/ BS (Electronics)


Mr.Shoaib Jamali
Designation: Senior Research Officer/Head of SMTPL
Qualification: B.E Electronics Engineering, M.Sc Engineering Management
Contact: 0519265022 Fax: 9265018

Mr.Atif Nawaz
Designation : Research Officer
Education: BS Electrical Engineering (LUMS)


Syed Touqeer Hussain
Designation: Research Officer
Qualification: B.Sc Mechatronics Engineering
Project Achievement: Autonomous Braking System for Vehicles

Babar Mahmood
Designation: Senior Tech
Qualification: M.Sc Electronics

Hussnain Siddique
Designation: Senior Tech
Qualification:DAE Electronics

Sagheer Muhammad
Designation: Senior Tech
Qualification:DAE Electrical

Amin Ullah Wazir
Designation: Senior Tech
Qualification:DAE Electrical

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