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Automation and Control Engineering Lab (ACEL) has set up a laboratory facility to design and develop PLC and embedded control system with essential equipment for Research and Development work. This group has developed PIC Micro based PLC consisted of hardware / software. These PLC are ideal for local plant and machinery manufacturers. ACEL consists of highly qualified and experienced engineers, professionals and technicians to address the needs and problems of local industry in the field of automation and control engineering.

TTRFTransformer Turns Ratio Finder

To meet the needs of local manufacturer of High Tension Transformers (M Watts), this finder is designed and developed by Embedded Control Systems Development (ECSD) project at National Institute of Electronics, Islamabad.


Autoclave is an equipment used to sterilize the surgical tools and utensils by subjecting them to high pressure steam of 121 °C or more.

B-Type-AutoclaveB-Type Autoclave

This autoclave is a B-Type in its nature and consists of many fixed and randomly selectable programs which are ultimately used in hospitals and operation theaters. Which are required to strrilized surgical tools for indoor operations.

Three Phase Industrial Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (3PFIAVS)

This solid state (3PFIAVS) is high power (3 Phase, 120 KVA) specially design for milling industry where stabilized voltage supply is required. For higher rating please contact.


We believe in long term partnership with the industry to develop indigenously automatic plants/ machines through joint venture/ agreement. We provide technical skill and knowledge to the industry / institutions in the field of automation and control engineering. The objective of the project is to automate the local industry. We study the exiting manual / semi-automatic system of the industry and suggest the fully automatic solution


PLC, HMI and SCADA Training Program has been launched.

The ACEL offers training and exposure in the field of automation and control engineering unde the guidance of highly qualified and trained professionals.

Training Facility for PLC

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) has a pivotal role in automation and control of large and small industrial processes. ACEL offers training programs for novice and qualified engineers and professionals. The training of automation and control starts from essentials to design complete automation of plant / machinery. It covers all the ladder logics, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA). This Advanced Industrial Training (AIT) program is unique in Pakistan beacuse it covers different brands of PLC (Omron, Siemens, Mitsubishi etc.) ACEL has trained upto 250 Engineers / Technicians and Professionals which are serving in different part of the world and they have become our global leader in the field of automation and control. ACEL invites industrial work froce and qualified engineers to join AIT programs and value added huamn resource.

Embedded Control System Development

The state of the art facility at NIE covers embedded control system (ESC) based on all types of microcontrollers, PIC, Ardino, AVR, STAMP etc, supported by a dedicated team of highly expert engineers and professionals. This program is focused to provide grass root level knowledge and up to complete system design training for graduate, post graduate engineers to excel in the field of embedded control system.

ECSD tean develops customized solution for discrete plant and machinery (Microwave Owen, Washing Machine, Fruit Storage Houses, Poultry Forms, Autoclaves, Voltage Stabilizers and others).

Mr. Shahbaz Akhtar
Designation: Head ACEL, Senior Research Officer

Mr. Gul Hayat Khan
Designation: Senior Research Officer

Mr. Bhunesh Kumar
Designation: Research officer

Mr. Fazal Hussain
Designation: Technical Officer

Mr. Muhammad Hassan
Designation: Senior Technician

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